Cherish The Heart That Loves You

Never force yourself to love…..
A lot of people are finding it hard to love buh yet, they find themselves in it. That is why we see lot of breakups and heart breaks everywhere.
You forcing yourself to love can never make you happy. You will always av the feeling that you are the only one trying to make the relationship work and one sided love can’t work, it will only ruin you and your happiness.
Don’t go into a relationship all in the name of you wanna BELONG. Your friends are in a relationship, that’s why you wanna be there not thinking if you will find happiness in the person you are dealing with.
Never go into a relationship cuz you wanna forget about your past. Do you know when you are with that person trying to forget all the pains you’ve been through in your past relationship, that same person might eventually fall in love with you? And you leaving his/her life might ruin it.
Trust is very important in a relationship. Always trust your partner no matter what. We all av our flaws, the good ones and the bad ones buh no matter what, you will surely find someone that will love you with your flaws.
Loyalty is also very important. Be loyal to your partner because I believe you coming into his/her life, it means you truly love him/her, so why not stay loyal to him/her.
Never look down on yourself thinking you are not his type, you are not her type. Why not give love a chance to work things out for the two of you because I believe when there is love, every impossibility becomes possibility.
Never look for the perfect person cuz if you keep looking for that perfect person, it is just a waste of time for you. Choose the one your heart desires and make him/her your perfect taste.
Never look for beauty when it comes to love cuz the beauty inside is more important than the beauty outside. You can build the beauty outside buh you can never build the beauty inside. The beauty inside I mean is the CHARACTER. Even if he/she is ugly on the outside buh beautiful in the inside, accept him/her and trust me when the money comes, the ugly being will turn beautiful in a twinkle of an eye.
Guys, love a woman that can help you build your empire, not the one that will destroy it. If you truly love your woman, invest in her, make her feel on top of the world. Be proud of your woman wherever you go. Give her every attention she needed from you. Talk about your woman with respect in the presence of your friends so they can respect her too. Value your woman, treat her like a queen and make her happy……


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