Be Outstanding.

Ladies, Marriage is not a means of escaping responsibilities. No! Neither is it suppose to become an obsession in your mind. No!
Your beauty either isn’t a qualification for marriage. Become an addition of blessings to a man’s life than a load. Become more strength to him than pain. Give him more reason to live than to die.
Be a woman of purpose before you link up to a man of greater purpose. You don’t meet a man to discover purpose, you discover your purpose to meet the right man. Concentrate after fulfilling your purpose than after meeting the right man. Be a woman after purpose, THE man of purpose will show up. Real Men are after women of purpose, women with dreams. Don’t be a woman without a dream desperately searching for a man full of dreams.I can see you are confessed,you dont no where am going okay now clam down, look for something to sit.that good…
Ladies,married woman.let stop been liability to the man we calm we love,see let come out from the same statement of he is my man he no to take care of me,so i don’t no to do anything again,oooo because he is your man or boyfriend now the next thing is to be a liability source to him,i pity you,see,let stop that,let support our man to bring a good life for our children,okay wait let go to take these for example you are married,you don’t work,you don’t do anything before you can buy salt is when you husband is back and you have children oooo both male and females, suddenly your husband dead,my dear how did you want to leave,you already spoil your children life why because they will not be useful to them self,those that will steal will,those that will do asewo will do,and you will end up with nothing,see ladies let try to be independent by our self,you can also provide food for your family,you can also built a house in the name of your husband, liability is just like a war,
the state of being legally responsible for something.
“once you contact the card protection scheme your liability for any loss ends”see do something even if it pure water that will make you to be independent ,do it,let stop be liability to guy, Be bold, take risks and do what other people wouldn’t dare to.Never search for acceptance and validation. You’re the only person who can define your worth.When you depend on nobody but yourself you’ll be able to withstand anything.
Being unhappy in a relationship is a waste of time. Work things out or walk away.
What you put up with is what you end up with.please my dear ladies let wise up.

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