Your forefathers did 419 codedly – Paul Okoye slams fraudsters for flaunting online

Paul Okoye has slammed fraudsters for showing off their wealth on social media, thereby exposing themselves to FBI, Interpol, or EFCC.

The singer said their forefathers engaged in fraud but they did it “codedly, silently” and with “no show off”

Una Yahoo Yahoo de shout anyhow, de show off de do anyhow,” he wrote to the fraudsters

He added that the show off is what gets them in trouble with the law.

He also called out the instagram commenters who judge the fraudsters after seieng their photos.

He wrote: “See make I tell una… Even before FBI, Interpol, or EFCC catch una… Social media and the association of Instagram commenters don judge una case finish.”

He added: “Association of Instagram commenters (A. I. C) also known as Amebo Intelligent Center, I just de hail una.””#saynotofrauds,” he wrote at the end.

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