I Want My Mum Dead Because Of This Particular Reason.

Before I start to state this particular reason why I want my mum dead, we all know that being in love is a beautiful thing.

I’m about to tell you how It all started and why I want to kill my mum, please don’t judge me.

I’m a 25-year-old lady and I live with my parents. I’m the only girl child of my parent and I have two brothers that are married. My parents are successful in their businesses, my mum leaves the house early for her business from Monday to Saturday while my dad works from home all through the week. The nature of dad’s business leaves me and him in the house alone.

I am remembered when I was a child, my mother shows more love to my brothers while my dad cares and loves me more than my brothers. This has been going on for long even after my two brothers got married, my mum still cares for them, while my dad still gives me more love, care and attention till date.

I feel more comfortable to discuss anything with my dad than my mum because he is always available to share my day with and he gives me his attention. Each time he goes out, he often takes me along and buys things for me, to the point that whenever my mum comes back late at night and she sees these things dad bought, she gets jealous. You know how our mother could behave at times.

All these kind of love my dad shows me is getting beyond the father to daughter love and as it stands now, i can’t continue to take his love as a father’s love to his daughter because he has stolen my heart away. He has everything that a woman wants in a man. He is handsome, physically strong and a real man with charming body and money.

I’m having a strong feeling for him and i’m seeing him as my future husband because of his overwhelmed love towards me and I couldn’t get over it.

My dad loves me so much with the way I do my thing and that why he has been sleeping with me on the same couch from when I was kid till I turned 18 when I entered into the university. He also calls me his first lady, often says ‘I love you’ and treats me as if I were his wife. It could be that he doesn’t know how to admit to the truth that he wants me as his wife because of what my mum might do.

As it is now, I guess my dad really wants me as his wife but the hindrance is my mum.

Please help me, what should I do? I want my mum dead so I can marry my dad because the great love I have for my dad has triggered the hatred in me to the point of wanting to kill my mum and I can’t share him with any woman including my mum.

Please don’t insult me, just advise me.

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