Why Do Guys Cheat

By pearl Eyitayo

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Have been wondering “why guys cheat on the woman they claim to love,I was able to come up with this little things,but before I proceed daling dont be confused we have both the good and bad guys ,the bad can become good,while the good can become bad it defend on how you handle your relationship.
On of the biggest relationship deal breaker is cheating ,whether it once or twice ,the other find it hard to forgive and nearly impossible to forget .
The most common reason why guys cheat is distance ,when you are miles away from him ,there is possibility that he will cheat ,tho some can still endure but not all all sweetie
*Every guy wants to have sex with other women and know what they taste like ,and when the opportunity arise he takes it.
*When the guy feels he’s too old ,not handsome enough ,not rich enough and you are the type that have high taste he will feel unsecured

If you are the type that threatened your man with it over between us of a thing over little misunderstanding that you can just talk it out ,he likely to cheat .
*When you as a lady all you can think is to slay with empty brain ,you ain’t helping his career ,you are not adding positive vibe into his life,you don’t understand him,you can’t predict his mood whether he’s sober,sad,happy ,and he likely to find someone that process all that you lack there is possibility he gonna cheat because honestly want a guy really want is “peace of mind”
Are you giving him that?
Do you think sex will keep your man,even if you give him sex24/7 he will still cheat if you ain’t adding positive vibe into his life ,you don’t support him with prayers
My dear you are nothing but a sex mate ooo ,he will use you and dumb you for a better woman

*When you ain’t supportive ,physically ,mentally,financially,
Hey👉🏾stop this mentality of a thing that you can’t help your man when he need your help .
You didn’t push him toward greatness
Toward achieving his dreams
You didn’t say good prophesy into his life and you think he will stick to you.
*Your dressing doesn’t look decent ,fine guy love it when there lady look sexy ,but not all the time ,you should dress inna decent way ,let your dressing speak good things about you am not saying you sud turn your self to SU
No that not wat I mean ,there are some dressing that will make you look elegant not until you expose your body .am not perfect too am a good and bad gal buh the good overcome the bad.

The way you dress is the way you will be address.

Sweetie Guys are not fool they know the real one and whom they are deceiving ,worry less about if he’s cheating on you or not ,and focus on your dream and career no man wanna marry a liability why not plan your life now,and be a successful woman.and see if he stick to you or not.
Just be yourself ,be a life time once inna gal ,be the woman he will never forget in his lifetime ,Trust me he might be flexing around now but don’t let that change your personality ,Trust me when he search around and didn’t find someone unique as you he will come begging for you.
Please ma’am I hope this will do🙏🏽

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