Sex and Love

Everybody want a good partner, when it comes to being in a relationship, guys want the best woman but yet they make mistake in choosing the best all in the name of beauty, big ass, big boobs etc. Many guys fail to know that a good relationship where u get attracted to someone all in the name of pleasure and materials want is nothing but infatuation love and it doesn’t last long, have you ever witness a situation where by a blind lady with get marry to a young man, on the other hand a blind man will get married to a draft and dumb woman it basically base on love my dear…. It called True Love”It a feeling warmth, tenderness passion, desire and sentiment that is unconditional, regardless, of good times and hardship….
Relationship now adays has become a game of lose or win, Guy go for beauty and big ass not love anymore and ladies no longer love but only after money….. They wanna ride the latest cars, rock the latest wear etc. When people talk about love I wonder if it exist cuz love is longer dere anymore but lust….
When being in a relationship as a guy you should know you already have a responsibility to hold.. Give out everything you think your babe will be happy, do you know each times you make her happy and she says a little prayer things might change better for you…buh guy believe each that money make a lady happy, fine it can but ladies need care, attention, respect, honesty etc. Some guys make a lady look cheap having sex with her and later go ahead making jest of her to his friends, and they will want to have a taste of it too, ladies can you walk freely in the midst of your ex boyfriend friends without feeling bad? Sex is not love tho some guy do say it a prove of love….only dumb lady believe that.

Many guys fails to know that it not all gals they can’t lay down with, you know why all ladies are possesses with a good and bad sprit. You may lay down with one gal today and tomorrow everything will work out for good for u, u may lay down with another woman and u life becomes miserable. I feel pity for my fellow women luring after yahoo guy tho get me wrong am not discriminating here, the way many people get there

Money either have a good or bad source, so many women has lost their destiny all in d name of money, they wanna ride big cars.. But dey have molested their future in d aspect they are just like a walking dead

A relationship of a week you are already hungry for sex, don’t you know a reasonable guy can never marry a lady with of no good values. OK here is a question apart from you giving him sex what value do you add to his life? Ask yourself this question. Don’t you know sex is not all want a guy want from you, a week relationship you are already living with him as a couple. At the end you will start crying that he breaks your heart, unknowingly to you he has this lady with a dream and inspiration he will dump you for a lady who is not as pretty as you are and you will start asking your self what does she have that you don’t…. My dear she possess a lot, do you know the funniest part he might not have sex with the So called lady he will build a future with her and makes you his sex slave, and at d end you lose

Ladies u need to wise up, no guy is ready to marry a a lady with no ambition, sex can never make him stay.

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