To Ladies Who Are Still Single :Stop Doing Any Of This Dangerous Things.

There are diverse things that ladies who are single do that expose them to danger. These dangerous thing make them fall victims of rape, kidnapping, murder and so on. It’s obvious that these are becoming common in our society.

Dear lady, you are so precious to your parents and you are a great treasure to your husband. I particularly doesn’t want to hear bad story about you. Your name shouldn’t be trending among journalists because you did evil or an evil happened to you. Let it rather be trending because you have become a thing to celebrate. May God protect you.

Avoid any of this dangerous things that exposes you to various forms of evil.

🔑 Never Date Two or More Guys at Time

This has caused much trouble in villages and towns. Many have lost their lives due to this. Know that when a guy says he loves you and you agree, he hates seeing you with another guy. Be careful who you discuss or move with once you are dating. Don’t be a hypocrite. Be sincere so that you can save your life and the life of others.

🔑 Never Be Free With Guys You Don’t Know

I see ladies who flow easily with guys they meet for the first time. I am not saying it’s wrong but care must be taken when it comes to strangers. Because nowadays, a friend is not known by face. Even the devil smiles at us. Be watchful.

🔑 Stop Indecent Dressing

Whether you agree or not, the kind of dress you wear defines who you are. Cloths that exposes your body are made for the married women to wear at night to seduce their spouses. It is not meant to be worn to market, school or church. Guys that lacks self control can easily rape girls with such dresses. You are great, special and useful to God. I particularly love you and don’t want anything bad happen to you. Please dress as the queen. That’s what God wants you to be.

🔑 Don’t Join Cultism

Cultism will never solve any of your problems. Instead, more problems will come your way when you join. Desist from yielding yourself to be a slave of a slave (devil). There is no peace of mind, your life could be taken anytime etc. If you have joined already, ignore threats and careful quit for your good.

🔑 Avoid Drinking, Smoking Or Taking Ilicit Drugs

Only if you are aren’t a princess will you take this things. How can a pruncess drink to stupor? How can smoke marijuana or take ilicit drugs? A real princess desists from taking anything that will alter her thoughts. Aren’t you a priceless princess? Avoid this things. A princess that does this can be raped, kidnapped or killed easily.

🔑 Be Gently And Kind To People

You may fall a victim of molestation if you can’t control your words. Don’t be harsh on people especially guys whether you know them or not. Don’t provoke people who may likely hunt after you to harm all in the name of revenge. Be respectful and wise. Be humble and gentle.

🔑 Don’t Be Idle

Know that you have a purpose for living. Pursue it with all diligence. Be prayerful. Arm yourself by prayer and the word of God in case the devil attacks.

In summary, avoid these things that exposes you to dangers. Dear lady, you are so precious. I can’t afford to lose you just like that. Your parents, friends and relatives can’t. That’s why I am burdened to put this down. Please stay safe. May God protect you from the hand of any evil man.

Please send this to ladies who are single until everyone gets this. Let’s work together to end molestation of ladies especially the single.

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