How I Picked Bottle To Strike My Husband’s Mistress On Our Wedding Day

I was so angry my husband went behind my back to talk to his suspected lover, to supply us drinks for our wedding when he knew I didn’t want to see that woman anywhere near my family. You can blame me all you want but at the end of this sad event you can tell if it was my fault or not.

I had been married to my husband for years and we already had kids. 5 kids precisely but we never had any formal wedding ceremony before we started living together. Although he paid my bride price and he did some traditional wedding rights while others were suspended because he didn’t have much then.

After 20 years of staying together, we felt we should do a better ceremony to thank God for the goodlife he had blessed us with and do the wedding like a Thanksgiving service. And we started preparing for it.

My husband got me a gown and shoes and whatever I needed to look like a new found bride. And we were so excited. My relatives and his all converged as the set date promised to be a glorious day.

Before preparations for the wedding, we had series of misunderstanding about a particular lady. She has been flaunting herself around my husband for a while and each time I ask him about her and why she is always calling his phone, he always had something to say in her defence. I caught her stealing gazes even while I was with him, he always told me there was nothing.

I had seen text messages she sent him that were enough evidence that he was seeing that woman but you know men, if you haven’t caught them red handed, they won’t agree. So I kept praying for God to help me catch them someday.

Neighbours too had approached me and told me she sometime drives to his office to pick him up. That was where I got the heights of it all. He denied having anything to do with the said lady. I approached her when I felt it was getting out of hand to warn her but it was clear she wanted to test me. She is a widow who had lost her husband not too long ago but she is enterprising as she had big stores where she sells variety of things. Drinks, perfumes, pharmaceuticals etc.

We had been on that fight with the woman and my husband before our wedding came. So the excitement to an extent made me forget about the pain their relationship saga was making me go through.

The day to the wedding we had discussed of where to get our drinks from and prepared the money for all of that and everything was set. He made me tell a friend of his who also had a big store to keep specific amount of drinks. He later went behind my back to discuss with his suspected girlfriend Even though he knew I would be mad. he arranged with her supply of the drinks and that made me confirm it wasn’t ordinary.

On the wedding day, when we were preparing to go out, I was being made up when she drove her truck and brought the soft drinks herself. That was her first time of coming to my house. I was furious when I saw her but I swore I was never going to let anything ruin my day. I was restless and struggling to smile from that moment.

When I saw her standing with my husband talking and laughing after she had off-loaded the soft drinks at the front of my house, I had many thoughts but I kept quiet. I remember when she left saying she wanted to go and take her bath so she would make it for the wedding in good time.

I didn’t want her anywhere near my wedding so I confronted my husband on why he made her supply for us after we had talked to someone else. We fought that morning before leaving the house to the church because he almost raised his hands at me. He felt I was asking too many questions our of distrust and I overlooked him.

She came for the wedding as she said she would. And after the wedding she was also at the reception. I struggled throughout that day because I kept seeing her everywhere I turned. The main issue was that I always saw her stealing gazes with my husband. I caught them a couple of times as they smiled at each other’s from a distance.

I couldn’t wait for the occasion to be over so that we would disgrace ourselves once and for all. It finally ended and I arrived home so angry.

Next she came for her crates and bottles. I told my elder sister who was around and she calmed me down and I remained calm. But after parking her bottle, she didn’t leave immediately. She was outside with my husband discussing then I couldn’t take it anymore. I went there to meet them and I told her to leave my house and go since she has been paid. I told her she is shamelessly chasing a married man everywhere he goes.

She thought I was joking as she looked at me like I was insane. then she looked at my husband who couldn’t say anything. She knew I was serious when I counted for her to leave my home. She was still standing and looking at me when I exploded and started shouting. It drew attensions which was what I wanted.

She replied me once and insulted me which was somehow what I was also looking for. A reason to smash her and the next thing I did was ugly. I slapped her and when husband was trying to stop me, she used that advantage to slapped me back. “Ontop my husband ooh” before anyone could hold me again, heaven broke loose and I reached for a bottle. I wanted to break it on her head when my husband got in the way. In trying to stop me, I mistakenly landed the bottle on his head and he fainted.

That was how she succeeded in ruining my day completely. We took my husband to the hospital where he stayed the night on admission. He was discharged the next day but with injury on his head. She was scared and I think they stopped for a while. As God would have it, we moved out of that place back to our hometown and she had no choice but to leave my husband alone.

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