Opening schools in June will end the frastuations of students at home.

The announcement made on the 1st of June , by the president, concluded that churches , can be open with 20 members in attendance, and a few other things were mentioned, but schools are closed till now no announcement for the reopening schools were made.

The aspect of schools opening, nothing was said about when schools could be open , students all over the country listened to the announcement hopefully wishing schools would be open.

School’s can be open and , preventive measures , strictly taken , many students took to their social media platforms , saying that they don’t mind wearing facial shields as long as their in schools, some said ,I quote “even if am not allowed to interact with anyone let’s just go back to school”.

The frustrations of students is now at it’s peak most especially the tertiary institutions and waec candidates who exams were postponed , depriving students education isn’t the way , precautions can be taken, many countries, who also had cases of the disease, have already begun their normal lives. In most countries, students wear facial shields hand gloves etc,. To prevent or reduce the spread.

Nigeria is a strong nation we fought Ebola virus and lives returned back to normal we can also do this, if we believe during the Ebola pandemic, schools were not closed , preventive measures were only taken to stop the spread.

School’s are very essential part of this children’s life and the government can not close schools for a whole year, it will destroy some students lives . Making them stay longer in schools than planned, thanks for reading this article, please leave your comments and opinions in the comment section

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